Work Programme 2016

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Annual Work Programme 2016


The 2016 annual work programme builds on the experience accumulated over several years of operations of the Networking Platform. Actions are meant to support the implementation of ongoing projects and the further definition of programmes and project pipelines for the 2014-2020 programming period.


The following actions are envisaged in 2016:




  • Second annual meeting for the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) projects (Q3 2016 - tbc)


  • Follow-up on the requirements of the Water Framework Directive when preparing projects (Q4 2016)


  • Climate change mitigation and carbon footprinting (Q4 2016)


  • Good practices and experiences in sludge management (Q4 2016)


  • Public transport integration in municipal areas with EU funded Public Transport (Q4 2016)


  • Ad hoc Seminars and Workshops


The Annual Work Programmes are handled on a rolling basis and kept regularly updated to reflect activities and capacity building actions that are added during the respective year.


Member States and other Stakeholders are consulted in a systematic way and regularly invited to provide feedback and suggestions for further activities to be included in the Networking Platform programmes.


For feedback and any enquiry please send an email to








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